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Auf dieser Seite findet ihr einige geniale Animationen, in denen Commander Keen vorkommt.

Shadowlands - the animated series

Eine Serie, die von Chris Hendricks (bekannt als Ilsoap) erstellt, aber leider nach der zweiten Episode nicht weiter fortgeführt wurde. Die Originalseite zur Serie findet ihr hier.

Episode I: Leggo my Yego (2002)

Erstellt von Chris Hendricks (Ilsoap)

Episode II (Preview)

Erstellt von Chris Hendricks (Ilsoap)

Episode II: The War Is Afoot (2003)

Erstellt von Chris Hendricks (Ilsoap)

Episode III: Swim, Swim, Angry

...wurde leider nicht mehr fertiggestellt. Es ist nur die Story bekannt, soweit sie Ilsoap im PCKF gepostet hat:

The slugs celebrate their victory by heading down to the beach outside of Three Tooth Lake. A slug scientist (who's name I can't recall, if I ever finalized it) was particularly interested about the lake, having never seen one before, and floated out into the water to research it. While out on the water, a Dopefish came and swallowed it up.

The scientist, who thinks he's dead, sees the light at the end of the tunnel and goes into it, only to discover that he is now inside the head cavity of the dopefish. It's a very empty space with a tiny brain in the middle. The eyes are like windows into the underwater world, and there are two signs above the eyes that say "Swim" and "Hungry". Currently, "Swim" is lit.

The slug discovers that by poking the tiny brain in various places, he can control the movements of the dopefish as though it were a submarine, so it takes the opportunity to take it out for a ride. However, the slug's daredevilish piloting of the dopefish catches the attention of a colony of sprites, who are angry with the intruder and start swimming after it, shooting their lasers.

Multiple sci-fi references later, the inventor slug is shot out back to the beach. He excitedly reports his findings to the slugs. It is not the last that we'll see of the water creatures...



Hier etwas über die Charaktere...


Eine Serie von Andrew Kepple (bekannt als TMST, TooMuchSpareTime). Die Originalseite zur Serie findet ihr hier.

Episode One: Duke Nukem - The Movie (2006)

Erstellt von TooMuchSpareTime

Episode Two: Marine and the DukeBurger Outlet (2006)

Erstellt von TooMuchSpareTime

Episode Three: Marine and the DukeBurger Outlet (Part 2) (2006)

Erstellt von TooMuchSpareTime

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